Private Maths Home Tutoring

4George is providing one to one mathematics tuition to children from Primary to GCSE level as well as adults looking to improve their numeracy abilities. Here is one such example.


4George was approached by a local Mum to support her 7 year old daughter who was having trouble with progress in numeracy in school.

Following consultation with both parents and the child’s school, an individual approach to learning was decided and agreed with all parties.

Sessions now take place on a weekly basis using a variety of activities and media, sensitive to her specific needs, which support development. Ongoing consultation takes place regularly to review progress and where appropriate adjust learning activities to ensure that all work compliments that taking place in school



Both the school and parents have noted significant improvements in her confidence and approach to mathematics.

“My 7 year old daughter (M) has been struggling with maths for a while and as a family we felt that extra support would benefit her. Rob Treacher was recommended to us through another maths tutor in the local area.

From the very first meeting Rob has been excellent with my daughter and makes her feel at ease and comfortable while learning. Rob has tailored his lessons to suit her needs, learning speed and abilities. He has adapted his teaching techniques to suit M’s needs, keep her interested and attention focused on learning. Rob uses a variety of teaching techniques from computer learning to using props. The lessons are always fun, educational, varied, productive and capture and hold M’s interest for the whole hour of learning.

Since starting lessons with Rob, M’s confidence with maths and her ability has grown and grown, with her belief that she can understand and complete maths problems. This has been reflected in her school work. M’s teachers have commented on how her confidence has gown and how her understanding of maths has improved greatly since she has started her weekly lessons with Rob.

M recently received an achievement award through her school for her progress and hard work for her maths both in and out of school. This is largely thanks to Rob and the hard work he has put in with M and the time he has spent designing lesson plans to suit M’s personal learning needs.

I could not recommend Rob highly enough.”


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