Crewkerne and Ilminster Schools Partnership

With a wide experience in education, 4George is ideally placed to provide guidance, facilitation and practical support to schools looking to develop their provision across the curriculum and beyond.


Crewkerne and Ilminster schools in South Somerset reformed their collaborative Community Learning Partnership (CLP) in Autumn 2013. Their aim was to create a cohesive unit of schools which worked closely together to ensure every child in their care received the very highest levels of provision possible in one seamless system of education, which benefitted from a collaborative approach to teaching and learning.


4George was invited to act as the coordinator of the cluster and works closely with head teachers, staff, pupils and parents to identify and facilitate opportunities for both curricular and extra curricular development.


Progress has been swift with staff from different schools meeting regularly to exchange and implement new curriculum ideas, pupils visiting each others’ schools to experience life and different activities higher up the system and head teachers commenting upon the rapid development, new initiatives and inter school collaboration as a result of 4George’s intervention.

“Rob has refocused and re-energised the work of schools within the Crewkerne and Ilminster Partnership. He has been perceptive towards the needs of the eleven schools he coordinates and has successfully been able to bring representation of all institutions together towards collaborating in the best interests of learners aged 5-18. Rob has specialised in the ability of bringing people together and facilitating discussions to allow people from different schools to recognise the part they could play in making provision and standards even better. Rob believes in the concept of ‘becoming great by learning from the best’ and as a partnership we have been fortunate to have a person that has inspired our potential to work closer together in the best interests of the young people in our schools.”

Mark Walker, Head Teacher, Swanmead Community School.

4George has since gone on to represent all CLPs across Somerset, chairing of meetings of CLP coordinators, attending County Head Teacher meetings and liaising with the Local Authority on strategic developments in education.

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