Maths Tutoring

4George offer private Maths tutoring either through the online tutoring portal Core Tuition or in person to students in the South Somerset region.

Maths is a challenge to many individuals, often through poor experiences in the past. How often do you hear people say, “I’m useless at Maths” or “I was never any good at Maths at school”? This problem holds people back from success in school, getting into college, applying for jobs or just getting on in life generally.

4George strongly believes in offering a tailored, friendly and enthusiastic approach, helping students to develop a ‘can-do’ attitude and actually learn to enjoy the challenge of successfully solving Maths problems and then applying this knowledge. Yes, it really does happen!

We provide bespoke one to one tuition and have made a difference at all ability levels. This includes support for pupils with additional needs, preparation for entrance exams, and help to those taking their GCSEs. We also work with adults who need to refresh their ability in Maths for work and career development.

Here’s what just one parent has said:

Rob has been working with my daughter for the last 4 years and I can honestly say that without his support, explanation and focus on areas of difficulty she would not have remained in top set. Thanks to his hard work she completed a GCSE in Statistics in year 9 and now in year 11 is sitting 2 Maths GCSEs – no easy task alongside all demands of the other curriculum areas.

Rob spends time in tutor sessions understanding my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses and giving her coping strategies to deal with and use these to her advantage. Rob brings work that dovetails with her school curriculum and has empowered her to share areas where she needs clarification. We are so pleased as a family of his work he is staying on after my daughter completes her GCSEs to work with my other two children in year 5 and 6 as they start to begin the transition into secondary school.

To find out about availability please contact Rob on 07740 287531 or through

More information can be found at the 4George Maths tutoring Facebook page.