4George Maths Tutoring has been providing bespoke private tuition to students of all ages and abilities since 2014. This includes support for students in all Key Stages 1 through to 4, helping pupils with additional needs, home-educated students, those preparing for entrance exams, and getting through GCSE Mathematics. We also work with adults who need to refresh their ability in maths as well as part of their work and career development.

We strongly believe in offering a tailored, friendly and enthusiastic approach, helping students to develop a ‘can-do’ attitude and actually learning to enjoy the challenge of successfully solving Maths problems and then being able to apply this knowledge. Yes, it really is possible to enjoy maths!

To ensure that 4George Maths Tutoring can meet your needs properly, all students can have an initial online meeting for up to one hour free of charge.  During this time, we can discuss your current experience with maths as well as your expectations and preferred styles of learning. This helps teaching and learning to be planned appropriately and ensures you are working at the correct level for your ability.

Students can choose to have lessons online or face to face (within the South Somerset area) depending on availability. 


Parents regularly comment on the difference 4George has made to their children’s confidence and ability in mathematics. Here’s a sample of parent comments:

Thanks to his hard work she completed a GCSE in Statistics in year 9 and now in year 11 is sitting 2 Maths GCSEs – no easy task alongside all demands of the other curriculum areas. 

Rob spends time in tutor sessions understanding my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses and giving her coping strategies to deal with and use these to her advantage.

Over the summer she has really grown in confidence and enjoyment with maths, and she said she could answer the questions in her maths class this week, so this is making a big difference to her.

…she felt comfortable and confident enough to firstly have-a-go, and then build on that confidence enabling her to persevere enough to get her that essential GCSE.

Rob brings work that dovetails with school curriculum and has empowered my child to share areas where he needs clarification.

We are so pleased with his work he is staying on after my daughter completes her GCSEs to work with my other two children in year 5 and 6 as they start to begin the transition into secondary school.

When we collected the results, she literally jumped for joy when she saw that she had passed Maths.  She was so proud.  Without the expert tutoring from Rob Treacher at 4George this would not have been possible.

Prices (Locally in person or online)

Single one hour sessions – £35 each

Block of 10 one-hour sessions – £300 

To book your session or to discuss your needs further, telephone Rob on 07740 287531 or email him at rob@4george.co.uk.

More information can be found at the 4George Maths tutoring Facebook page.

To find out more call 07740 287531 or contact: