Martock Parish Council

Martock is a proactive, forward thinking Parish Council in South Somerset with a wide range of community facilities and assets and vast number of  projects and ideas requiring funding.


4George works on a retainer basis with the Parish Council to identify and secure funds for a range of projects and initiatives. Linking closely with Parish Council staff and Councillors 4George identifies potential funding sources, writes funding bids and provide project management support where it is required.

To date capital funding has been secured to refurbish facilities such as the Parish hall and Youth Club, build a new multi use games area and carry out improvements to the shopping precinct. In addition revenue funding has been awarded towards funding a local job club and coordinator, supporting the delivery of youth work, events and feasibility studies.


Working with the Council 4George has secured over £300,000 to date in capital and revenue support from a range of funders.


“The Council have worked closely with Louise to deliver a range of projects and ideas and bring in much needed external investment. Our ongoing relationship has enabled Louise to develop relationships with our staff, councillors and community members and to gain understanding of our needs which has been extremely fruitful.”

Roger Powell, Chairman Martock Parish Council

If you would like to talk about how 4George can help your organisation secure additional funding contact Louise on 07814 248281 or